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Well this is sort of strange. I have no idea if any of you remember me, or care at all for that matter since I haven't written a thing in about 5 months. If anyone did care, my apologies. I suppose I should have given a proper warning that I wasn't going to be using my livejournal; but seeing as I didn't know myself that wouldn't have been possible. Honestly, I just became a lot busier with my own life and I don't have time for fandom at all anymore. Fandom was the main thing keeping me on livejournal and the fact that I just didn't have time, and didn't care nearly as much anymore just gave me no incentive to log on. My life is going wonderful right now, I have a job and a bunch of friends for the first time I genuinely feel close to and can trust. Not to say I don't have amazing memories while being immersed in fandom, because I did and it helped me through so many rough patches in my life. But the fact of the matter is, I used it to fill my life with something I was lacking, I needed something to keep my mind occupied and happy and I don't feel like I need that anymore. Not to say I don't absolutely love Harry Potter anymore, for example, because I do. I just can't spend the time obsessing online over it like I used to. I felt, and still feel like, every time I log onto this journal I am reminded of the past. Not the good memories I had here, but for some reason the unhappy ones and the emptiness I felt while I was using this to give my life some sort of meaning which is the reason for my absence. I feel like I am ready for a new journal, this time though this journal is going to be strictly about my life. I mean, I am sure occasionally some sort of fandom refrence will be thrown in ... it's just no longer the focal point of everything I think of and do. If you are at all interested in keeping up with my life you can add me at wtfidc and I'll be happy to add you back. If you don't, absolutely no hard feelings. Thanks to all of you for reading this if you did, even if you didn't thank you for being my livejournal friend and helping me out when I needed it the most. Sorry this ended up being so long but I felt like I should get it all out there. It may not make sense but this is the best way I could find to put it into words. See ya. ♥


I'm really sorry. It had to happen sooner or later. I'd really rather not do this but I have WAY too many friends to keep up with. So, if you're on the following list please remove me from your friends list. Thank you.
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