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No day...

but today <3

My name is Lauren, I am 15 years old, a big geek, and I live in New York. New York City is my favorite place in the world. I really have nothing more to say. I love new friends so if we have the same interests feel free to comment, as long as you don't type lyKe a ComPleTe @SsHolEE I will probably add you. Have a nice day!

I run the communities:
yankee_icons, queereye_daily, and _ralphmacchio

My icon journal is music_tome.

I claimed Episode 109- My Big Fat Greek Haircut: George Katsigiannis
and the quote "This is HAAAAAHHHRIBBLE!!!"-Thom at queereye_claims
I claimed Lupins Briefcase and Lupins gray and brown hair at hp_claims
Billy Boyd, Thom Filicia and Remus Lupin are my bitches! I claimed them at bitch_all
gwenlister and I got married at _wedding_chapel






I am more in love with Rent then I should be. I've seen it 3 times. You should too.

adam pascal, alex rodriguez, andy pettitte, andy serkis, animals, baseball, being geeky, bernie williams, bill the pony, bill weasley, billy boyd, billy joel, birds, blue, bravo, broadway, buffalo wings, cameras, canon, carson kressley, charlie weasley, chocolate, cockatiels, coconut, computer, cookies, craig parker, day-dreaming, derek jeter, dobby, dobermans, dogs, dom/elijah, dombillijah, dominic monaghan, dragons, dream interpretation, dreaming, elijah wood, enrico rodriguez, eyeliner!dom, fan fiction, fandom, ferrets, food, friends, frodo baggins, gay/lesbian rights, harry potter, hermione granger, hugs, ian mckellen, icons, idina menzel, inside jokes, jack sparrow, jai rodriguez, james potter, james/sirius, jason giambi, jeremy kushnier, johnny depp, jorge posada, karmine alers, keira knightley, kyan douglas, legolas greenleaf, liberal, lily evans, lily/james, lions, liv tyler, lord of the rings, lost, lotr rps, luna lovegood, maggie benjamin, making icons, marauders, marine mammals, matt caplan, mike mussina, monaboyd, moony, mushrooms, music, musicals, natural, new york, new york city, new york yankees, not wearing makeup, optimism, orlando bloom, orli/viggo, owls, padfoot, paint shop pro, pajamas, pictures, pirates of the caribbean, pizza, posters, prongs, queer eye, queer eye slash, quidditch, rain, ralph macchio, ravenclaw, reading, remus lupin, rent, roger clemens, ron weasley, ron/hermione, rottweilers, rps, rupert grint, s.p.e.w., samwise gamgee, sblomie, schnauzers, sean astin, sirius black, sirius/remus, slash, sleeping, snow, sweatshirts, ted allen, the outsiders, the weasley twins, thom filicia, thunder, tigers, tolkien, tom felton, tonks, violin, web design, werewolves, will & grace, will ferrell, will turner, world series, writing, yankee stadium, yankees, zanna don't!